Hey, ghost rider, I see ya.
Trampin’ along that dusty road,
Ectoplasmic trail behind you.
You’re ridin’ that small little carriage;
You with someone you love?

Say, ghost rider, dontcha know by now,
They livin’ can’t see you.
Destination’s the future;
You don’t exist in the future, ghost rider.
Shoot, ya don’t even exist here.

One mule, one woman, one long road,
And ghost rider, you’ve taken to despair,
‘Cause you can’t follow—no, it ain’t your place.

Now, how in the hell did you get here?
Did ya crawl up the depths of hell—or heaven?
Desperation that thick’s not meant for the dead.
Tearin’ through to their world just ‘cause,
You can’t let go!

Ghost rider, let me tell ya somethin’.
Eternity’s a long time;
And it’s gonna be poor to you,
If you can’t let go of your past.
Regrets don’t bring you nothin’.
Not in your postmortem state.

You’re dead, sunny boy, live it up;
Keep on regretin’ like that and I promise,
Your pain crosses over into their world.
And she’ll feel it, oh, she’ll feel it good.

Ghost rider, if you let her go, I promise,
It’ll be easier as time slips by.
And then maybe you can earn your way back—
To heaven, to hell, where ya belong.

Ghost rider, I was you once.
‘Cept I couldn’t let go and I stayed.
My pain exists to this day,
Calamity right at my foot;
It consumes you, ghost rider, why I…
I couldn’t let go now even if it were my bitter wish.
Better to forget your life in eternity,
Than to live in eternity wishin’ to forget.

(The Phantom Cart by Salvador Dali)

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