A Tale of Grifters

Once a Man with a sneaky thought,
Pounced on a passerby in the night.
Shouts cut the air as they fought,
Until the alley floods with light.

A piercing voice shouts, “Stop, you cur!”
Both participants freeze in shock.
Behold the pink petticoat and Scottish burr,
The beauty of a Woman wielding a rock.

“Truly?” cried the would-be robber,
Cackling and thinking himself blessed.
He strikes down his victim with a clobber,
Before turning attention to his Scottish guest.

They each regard the other with hidden glee;
The Man darts forward with raised fists,
The Woman dodges and maneuvers a knee,
Knocking the Man down in the most surprising of twists.

The Woman brushes off her skirt with a grin.
Walks to the fallen victim, who stands brightly,
Pocketing the Man’s wallet, she laughs, “‘Tis a true win!”
The pair saunters off, a vision most sightly.

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